• Winner of the 1st Fuel Rat Art Contest

    We are very happy to announce the winners of our first, 50,000th rescue, Fuel Rat Art contest!

    It is ... winning 100% of all votes as number 1 ...


    Commented by our Founder "Looks like a movie poster for a Stanley Kubrick movie - 'MY GOD IT'S FULL OF FUEL'"

    Followed closely by
    Ian Baristan

    ... who is second place by votes, extremely closely followed by Beetlejude, I have to say ... a really really close vote there.

    the winner and the follow-up will receive their prices as soon as they are sorted :)


    And thanks to all contributors, all of your work was really really much appreciated.

  • Fuel Rat Artists Collective now on twitter

    We now have set up a FRAC twitter stream. Follow us here:
  • Dispatch's Little Helpers

    Back in 3302 and 3303,after overseeing some drills and having speed- and CRspatched a bit, I created some stuff to make the life of Rat Dispatchers more easy. It comes with a fill-in PDF sheet to keep track of your ongoing rescues, suggestions for IRC commands and such.

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  • 3303 Leaderboard: Gongage in action

    The great Father Cool created the Fuel Rat roundel, which was extended with small symbols for different achievements: The Dispatch Hat, Code Red Rescue O2, the 3301 for first year's Rats, the Epic Laurel, ...

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