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  • 100,000 Fuel Rat Resuces reached! Here come the posters!

    On Friday, January 22, 3307, at about 08:55 pm GT, the Fuel Rats have completed their 100,000th successful rescue! (Yes, that's one hundred thousand Commanders in Elite dangerous successfully refuelled and saved from suffocating since 3301).

    Also, there is an extensive feature about the event and the posters at Frontier's Supercruise News #20, watch it here

    The FRAC did a Poster Contest to celebrate this event, and here comes the Gallery of Posters! Enjoy!

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  • Dispatch Rescue Operations Notepad Updated

    The DRONotepad has been updated to ver. 2.0, including a command reference of the most important #fuelrats mecha commands. Download and edit the pdf or laminate it for "real-world" scribbling.
  • Winner of the 1st Fuel Rat Art Contest

    We are very happy to announce the winners of our first, 50,000th rescue, Fuel Rat Art contest!

    It is ... winning 100% of all votes as number 1 ...


    Commented by our Founder "Looks like a movie poster for a Stanley Kubrick movie - 'MY GOD IT'S FULL OF FUEL'"

    Followed closely by
    Ian Baristan

    ... who is second place by votes, extremely closely followed by Beetlejude, I have to say ... a really really close vote there.

    the winner and the follow-up will receive their prices as soon as they are sorted :)


    And thanks to all contributors, all of your work was really really much appreciated.

  • Fuel Rat Artists Collective now on twitter

    We now have set up a FRAC twitter stream. Follow us here:
  • Dispatch's Little Helpers

    Back in 3302 and 3303,after overseeing some drills and having speed- and CRspatched a bit, I created some stuff to make the life of Rat Dispatchers more easy. It comes with a fill-in PDF sheet to keep track of your ongoing rescues, suggestions for IRC commands and such.
    +++ UPDATE 3307 +++
    The Notepad has been updated to ver. 2.0, including a command reference of the most important #fuelrats mecha commands.

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  • 3303 Leaderboard: Gongage in action

    The great Father Cool created the Fuel Rat roundel, which was extended with small symbols for different achievements: The Dispatch Hat, Code Red Rescue O2, the 3301 for first year's Rats, the Epic Laurel, ...

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