• Rat Zero leaks roots of the Fuel Rats to FRAC

    FRAC++ If you want to read about who we are, get your paws to the About Us squeak. ++ Welcome to our logo gallery. ++ We are currently working hard to fill the Rattatoon archives. ++

    Fellow Rat Artists,
    my (very) shiny Rattalooga was just able to intercept the following transmission. We could trace down it's origin to the great Rat Zero, our founder, Surly Badger himself! He seems to deliberately have leaked it to the Fuel Rats Artists Collective, no guarantee what it will do to your synapses, so continue on your ...

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  • FRAC launches the first Rat Art Contest

    Heads up creative Commanders!

    Starting November 19, The Artist Collective of the Fuel Rats launches it's first open Rat Art Contest in celebration of the Fuel Rats' 50,000th rescue.

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  • Bats. A Fuel Rats Halloween Cartoon

    A miracle! It is Rattatoon Thursday albeit it should be Wednesday! Oh my ...

    This Halloween, Frontier put a bobblehat for sale for Elite: Dangerous spaceships that is a Rat ... no, wait .... it has wings ...

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  • Unscoopable – a Fuel Rats Cartoon

    As many Commanders had to learn the hard way, not all stars are scoopable for fuel—to be precise, only main sequence stars are.
    While it is more or less easy to distinguish stars classes by their colour, this can be treacherous ...

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  • Paperwork: SUCCESS and EPIC stamps

    To spice up paperwork – the registration of Rat operations, which feed our rescue statistics – I was asked for some stamps by RatTech. Yo know, to feed Mechasqueak who ...

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  • Fuel Rat vignettes

    When the first version of teh Rat Cave was online, I was asked to do some Rat vignettes for different pages, like teh page about Rat Drill, Rescues and such. Well, here we go!
    Some ...

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  • Burnt Fur Smell. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    Neutron Stars give an eye-watering FSD boost if you don’t get greedy and end up dropping in the cone. If that happens ...

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  • Ghost Rats. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    With Elite: Dangerous reaching out to the X-Box platform, PC Rats couldn't contact X-Box clients, since the two platforms are playing in different instances.

    After Elite for X-Box went live, we had a tsunami of cases: A load of players played Elite: Dangerous for the first time. So Rats playing on the X-Box had a high case load—together with a very special challenge.

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  • Fail. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    We were among the first groups to get an "own" Community Goal, and we even were among the first to get an own in-game decal for our ships, as a test run for Frontier.
    What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Overdue. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    Well ... Rats in space ... now there is a joke that is quite straightforward ...

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  • Traffic Jam. A Fuel Rats Cartoon

    The Fuel Rats have been among the first player groups that "got" a Community Goal, an in-game contest between players to deliver certain goods or defend a certain system. Now that really did call for a Rattatoon ... imagine what happens if a cat turns up in the wrong place ...

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  • Rat Zoology. A FuelRats cartoon

    The Fuel Rats quickly evolved in quite a complex player group.
    Even though we claim to be an anarchical collective, we do have roles, and even a certain level of hierarchy. Dispatches send out Rats, and everyone who does a Spatch drill can act as one. Overseers oversee the Dispatch's drill and keep an eye on the IRC channels.

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  • Rat Drugs. The Thargoid’s scheme

    Rat Drugs. The Thargoid’s scheme at the 10,00 rescue party: Snickers flavoured fuel,

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  • Thanks, Rats! Uvelius receives the Epic Laurel

    Thanks, Rats, for the fantastic community you all have made possible. I am really happy and proud to receive my Epic Laurel honors from The Fuel Rats collective, and it's father Surly badger, today.

    Epic Laurels are ...

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  • Truth–How we really reached 10,000, A FuelRats Cartoon

    Truth. How we really reached 10,000.

    The incredible number of 10,000 successful (!) rescues (ten thousand ...) was reached on April 1st – yes really. That was quite soon after the Fuel Rats have been founded, and shows awesome dedication by the Rats themselves as well as trust by Elite's stranded Commanders. But the Rats have a dark secret ...

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