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First Ratted in
Friday, July 29. 3301
Cleve Hub
Eravate / Fuelum
Rat, Seer, Rattatoonist
About this Rat
The TFP trained Overseer, Spatcher and Rattatoonist is a Fuel Rat veteran who started with creating a Fuel Rat group in Mobius, shortly after the Fuel Rats took off. Later, he joined the Fuel Rats in Open.
Being stunned by the creativity the Rats sparked over the years, he then started the Fuel Rats Artists Collective.

In his free time, Uvelius takes Jugger to other countries, founds teams and writes books (also SciFi for Perry Rhodan NEO).
  • Rat Zero leaks roots of the Fuel Rats to FRAC

    FRAC++ If you want to read about who we are, get your paws to the About Us squeak. ++ Welcome to our logo gallery. ++ We are currently working hard to fill the Rattatoon archives. ++

    Fellow Rat Artists,
    my (very) shiny Rattalooga was just able to intercept the following transmission. We could trace down it's origin to the great Rat Zero, our founder, Surly Badger himself! He seems to deliberately have leaked it to the Fuel Rats Artists Collective, no guarantee what it will do to your synapses, so continue on your ...

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  • Fuel Rats Bobblehead by CMDR D0lphin

    Bobbleheads have since early days become a part of Elite: Dangerous. You buy them at the Frontier store as an in-game item, and can then place it at different locations in your spaceship.
    CMDR D0lphin created a beautiful Fuel Rats Bobblehead which would be absolutely awesome to have ...

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  • Winner of the 1st Fuel Rat Art Contest

    We are very happy to announce the winners of our first, 50,000th rescue, Fuel Rat Art contest!

    It is ... winning 100% of all votes as number 1 ...


    Commented by our Founder "Looks like a movie poster for a Stanley Kubrick movie - 'MY GOD IT'S FULL OF FUEL'"

    Followed closely by
    Ian Baristan

    ... who is second place by votes, extremely closely followed by Beetlejude, I have to say ... a really really close vote there.

    the winner and the follow-up will receive their prices as soon as they are sorted :)


    And thanks to all contributors, all of your work was really really much appreciated.

  • FRAC launches the first Rat Art Contest

    Heads up creative Commanders!

    Starting November 19, The Artist Collective of the Fuel Rats launches it's first open Rat Art Contest in celebration of the Fuel Rats' 50,000th rescue.

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  • Poster: 50,000th rescue by the Fuel Rats

    The Fuel Rats Successful Rescue Count has yesterday at 5 pm reached the incredible number of 50,000 (fifty thousand) rescues.
    A poster in honour of them seems in order!

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  • Fuel Rat Artists Collective now on twitter

    We now have set up a FRAC twitter stream. Follow us here:
  • Bats. A Fuel Rats Halloween Cartoon

    A miracle! It is Rattatoon Thursday albeit it should be Wednesday! Oh my ...

    This Halloween, Frontier put a bobblehat for sale for Elite: Dangerous spaceships that is a Rat ... no, wait .... it has wings ...

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  • Oxygen-depleted, Blink 4

    This is the fourth and last part of CMDR Flynzilla's Oxygen-depleted Rat Story. Read it from the start here.

    Ratmama’s squeak still makes me jump like a junior rat, RATSIGNAL: CMDR atomicweeasel – System Col 1456 Sector JY-D A 14-1 – O2 OK case #6

    Patting the side of the Commander's chair and to no one in particular “Righto girl, let”s go to work”

    “Navcomp input Col 1456 Sector JY-D A 14-1 plot course” The computer beeped its result, glancing down to the navcomp to see 4 Jumps on the screen. Nope, no way “Navcomp clear route, replot” This time I watched the navcomp do the plots. “Beep” Well. I’ll be jiggered.

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  • Robinjb's 3D Fuel Rat and poster

    CMDR Robinjb, who also did the first Fuel Rats logo, has created a 3D model of a Fuel Rat in January 2016, as well as a really fantastic Rat poster – my personal favorite.

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  • Oxygen-depleted, Blink 3

    This is part 3 of CMDR Flynzilla's Oxygen-depleted Rat Story. Read it from the start here.

    “Dispatch, roger your last, friend confirmed, system confirmed, in wing #7 preselecting to R CRA prime, 1 jump, 10 Lyr, dropping in...It’s been fun!”

    As a Fuel Rat we are a non-political movement, we don’t engage in power plays, the petty squabbles, “kill 36 lords of the dark star” stuff, we have a motto ... We have fuel, you don’t, any questions? It is also a statement. We all know the risks involved ...

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  • Oxygen-depleted in 6:30, Blink 2

    This is the second part of CMDR Flynzilla's Rat Story. Read the first part here.

    With renewed vigor, fingers flying over the information board…back out of the function sub-menu, tab across back to status, there at the very bottom, with a yell of victory stabbing at the button like a desperate man.


    Again, to no one in particular ...

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  • Unscoopable – a Fuel Rats Cartoon

    As many Commanders had to learn the hard way, not all stars are scoopable for fuel—to be precise, only main sequence stars are.
    While it is more or less easy to distinguish stars classes by their colour, this can be treacherous ...

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  • Oxygen-depleted in 7:30, Blink 1

    This is the first chapter, Blink 1, of Flynzilla's short story. Enjoy! /Uvelius

    Here I am, Commander Flynzilla, a “vet” (still not totally convinced that messing about in Hazardous Resource sites more times than comfortable counts as being a vet). However, I took to the skies in 3302, learned my lesson at the School of Hard Knocks, graduated from my trusty Sidey to the Maple Leaf (a Cobra Mk3 bedecked in the country of my family's birthplace on Earth), a bit of smuggling in my Diamondback Explorer, finally ended up in the Imperial Clipper, gave some big hits, took a lot bigger hits. Grinning inanely as targets “pancake” (a slow barrel roll in front of me that brings my guns into play) laughing as the bounty credits rolled in.

    It was around this time I thought ...

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  • Fuel Rat Logo painted on the Galaxy

    A fantastic work of many Commanders: By their flight path, they painted a (really really) gigantic Fuel Rat Logo on the galaxy. Amazing work, Commanders!

    Watch the video:

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  • Fuel Rat in-game Holo Screen Adverts

    Frontier had started a competition on designing holo-screen adverts. The winners are now shown in-game at certain locations. And guess what? The Fuel Rats are in the game, and not with just one advert ... have a look:

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