⛽ About the Fuel Rats Artists Collective: We squeak!

The Fuel Rats Artists Collective wants to offer the fantastic Rats who create nice and interesting stuff for The Fuel Rats a cozy place under the fridge.

This is not an alternative to The Fuel Rats' cave and fomally independent; think more of it like a little rat hole in Wollheim ...

... so if you make logos, tell tales, paint pictures or do other awesome arty stuff for the Rats, you are welcome to get your account and post about your creations here as well.

Read first the transmission Uvelius' Rattalooga could intercept from our great Rat Zero, Surly Badger. His interrogation shed some light on the origins and nature of The Fuel Rats. Receive his transmission here.

You will find ...

  • Under Art all kinds of creations in the Fuel Rat context, from pictures to certificates, posters and wallpapers;
  • Under Rattatoons Uvelius' Fuel Rat Cartoons with some comments on their background and context;
  • Under Rat Tales stories from the life of Fuel Rats, about Rescues and such,
  • Under Videos Fuel Rat adverts and Tutorials;
  • Under 3303 archieved stuff from former Fuel Rat times.
  • The FRAC board is keeping an eye on this little digital museum.
Pushing buttons and pulling any levers in reach, yours faithfully, Uvelius Sång, the one to blame for this idea and this website ... ^,^/ The Fuel Rats Artists Collective

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