Poster: 50,000th rescue by the Fuel Rats

The Fuel Rats Successful Rescue Count has yesterday at 5 pm reached the incredible number of 50,000 (fifty thousand) rescues.
A poster in honour of them seems in order!
The First Limpet of the 50,000th rescue was reported as successfully connected and having transferred it's fuel at 17:42 Game Time of the 4th of November 3304. It was shot by our dear fellow Rat Veteran Ravenov in Sharru Sector LS-TB3-0.

The number indeed sounds hard to believe: It means that the Rats have rescued 40 clients per day on average. Since every rescue is well documented in the database, and quite some statistics are done based on that, it even could be counter-checked.
(I am happy to mention that I got second limpet on case 49999 together with frist Limpeteer Dystopia.)
Impressive, and very well done Rats!

Fuel Rats: 50,000 rescues

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