Since 3301

An occasional poster series by Alec Turner.

Not long after the Fuel Rats were first hatched back in 3301 I began creating an occasional series of poster images around the theme of an advertising slogan with the tagline "... since 3301" (much like many of the great marketing campaigns of the 20th century).

unusual and exceptional

Many of the early posters featured screenshots captured at the moment of performing a rescue along with some appropriate message pertaining to the circumstances of the rescue and/or quotes from the rescuee.

flying balloons on this fuel called love

What follows here is a collection of all the posters I've managed to find thus far in vaguely chronological order. I hope you like them.

providing refuelling services

providing fuel to the fuelish

being awesome (and modest)

returning occupied escape pods to safety

Can't quite remember but I think there may have been an accidental ramming incident involved in this next one!

making a lasting impression

scaring the crap out of pilots

turning misery into adventure

better than death by asphyxiation

giving it to you because we know you want it

lovers not fighters

laughing in the face of T-Tauri stars

extreme loyalty

giving a damn

group hugs

flying to hutton orbital

non judgemental

doing the hokey cokey

My first Fuel Rats christmas card!

wishing everyone a very merry christmas

a light to you in dark places when all other lights go out

holding hands across international boundaries

During the Fuel Rats sponsored Jaques community goal.

not afraid to tackle the big jobs

catering for all sorts

waiting patiently

Proudly wearing my new PC Gamer ship skin.

sex on a stick

there when you need us regardless of race, creed, colour or species

Hmm, I apear to have sex on the brain! (new Lavecon skin)

on the scene like a sex machine

Following the rescue of Felix Macedonica by Chiggy Vonrictofen.

honouring extraordinary rescues

Another year another christmas!

delivering fuel, satsumas and christmas cheer (but mostly fuel)

satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

responding to the rat signal

snorting fuel at source and mainlining it into the veins of the galaxy

keeping cool when the heat is on


if it fuels we can fill it

bringing the rescue to you

saving the live ones (and honouring the dead)

celebrated around the galaxy

Christmas ... again!

delivering the gift of fuel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

there to save you when we can, there to pay our respects when we can't

Chris Foss sci-fi book cover tribute.

return of the fuel rat

we have fuel, you don't, any questions

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